Chances are you have tried learning guitar from the internet or had a friend show you a few things, we have all been there. I can imagine that this approach is not working for you. Guess what, it doesn’t work for anyone. Searching YouTube for “How To Play Guitar” videos will give you an endless results of random videos that will either show you just a few pieces of the puzzle or get you more confused than when you started.

I see it time and time again in my students, they come to me because they have been struggling with the same chords and strum patterns for years. Their approach to the guitar has failed them and they have hit a wall without seeing any improvement in their playing or knowledge.

There is a blueprint for learning the guitar and if you just follow the blueprint you will see the results that you want to see.

So, why don’t people follow the blueprint? It’s simple, they either don’t know what the blueprint is or they aren’t willing to put in the work.

My Rock Like The Pros Beginning Guitar Method is the blueprint that you have been looking for!

This step-by-step video course originally started as a series of instructional guitar method books and has become a staple textbook in many schools and colleges including Santa Monica College, Pasadena College, University of Southern California and many more...

Scroll down to find out what's included, see actual  lesson footage and learn about the many successful stories from my students.


“...easily and clearly communicates how to play the guitar while at the same time challenging the students to push further into theory and technique.

Terry Carter’s positive and upbeat teaching style makes it a joy to learn the Guitar.”

Stephen Berry  |  Student

I decided to develop the Rock Like The Pros method after looking at countless guitar books and videos and realizing that there was nothing on the market that met the high demands that I expected in both the classroom or private one-on-one setting. I have spent years writing and testing the material that you find in this course with thousands of students of all age levels before presenting this material to you.

I am 100% positive and excited that you will learn guitar not only faster but also smarter. You will develop a strong foundation that you can continue to build upon years down the road, whether you want to play and sing your favorite song, jam out the blues, or read music.

Rock Like The Pros Beginning Guitar Method is presented to you in a easy to follow 15 Chapters.

In each chapter you will master the fundamentals and develop unparalleled confidence in your playing. Each well rounded chapter will teach you a new songs, blues, music reading and a special lessons focused on fingerpicking, music theory, scales or chords.

You will learn the most important songs that any guitar player will ever need to know. Songs by artists such as The Beatles, Otis Redding, Green Day, Neil Young, The Eagles, Weezer, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and more. Each song will increase your knowledge of chords and expand your ability to play all kinds of different classic and contemporary strum patterns.


"I learned a lot of things I would have never expected with Rock Like The Pros. It gave me the fundamentals to make music with others and to learn classic songs I've listened to my whole life.

Terry Carter gave me a whole new look on music education. Applying the tools he taught I am a better equipped musician able to adapt my guitar playing socially. Thanks dude"

Matthew B.  |  Student

What to Expect in this Course

Music Reading

No musician is complete without the ability to read music. Don’t confuse the ability to look on YouTube and learn a song with the ability to be a complete and unstoppable musician. Yes, you heard me right.

Reading music for all musicians, especially guitar players is an absolute must. This may be contrary to what people say because most guitar players first pick up the guitar to learn a few chords and strum a song or two. That is great and there is value in that but you will hit a wall after a few years of playing, I guarantee that.


  • Learn the basic foundation for everything in music.
  • Learn the full range of your instrument.
  • Where all the notes are.
  • How to count.
  • How to keep rhythm.
  • How to listen to others and get your brain working.

In Each Lesson

- Clear and easy to follow videos

- Supporting PDF Downloads

- Downloadable MP3 Jam Track



Once you finish this course you will be able to confidently read music in the open position of the guitar.


You like Blues? I hope so, because Blues is the foundation of many styles of music, especially Rock and Pop.

Each chapter of this course will teach you a new Blues rhythm or Blues lead. That’s right not only will you learn the most essential Blues Rhythms but you will also learn how to solo. We all have a deep down desire to learn how to solo over a song and I will teach you how.

The Blues in this course are based off songs by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and B.B. King.


What I love about the Blues is that it is universal, meaning if you know how to play the Blues you could literally go anywhere in the world and jam with someone.

"I improved tremendously and really like the fact that it had a diverse amount of material." 

Danette M. | STUDENT


Clear instructions + Easy to follow + Step by step


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In addition to Music Reading and Blues, you'll learn how to Fingerpick, Read TAB and become a Master at Strumming.

"I have used and seen the RLTP Beginning Method help thousands of students, many just like you, become amazing guitar players once they complete the course."

Terry Carter  |  Music Professor + Rock Like The Pros Founder

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