I know what you're thinking...

  • Music Reading is stupid.
  • I’m already an amazing guitar player.
  • Jimi Hendrix didn’t read music.
  • I tried and music reading is too hard.
  • I can already read TAB...

          Yes, I've heard them all.

Would you like to be better at playing your favorite song?

To DOMINATE when you’re playing with others?

A better soloist?

Better at playing Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Christian, Pop, or whatever other style you love?

You can.

When I was getting my undergraduate degree from San Diego State University I thought I was a pretty hot shot guitar player. I had just transferred in from a local community college and had tons of confidence in myself and my playing. The music Department was known for having an exceptional jazz big band and had a ruthless leader Bill Yeager. Bill was ex-Los Angeles studio trombone player . If you know anything about LA studio session players or jazz big band players they can read any piece of music you put in front of them at ridiculously fast tempos. I mean it’s really quite an experience.


The reason for this is because in the studio, time is money. When the orchestra gets together in the studio to record the music for the TV show, The Simpsons, they have tons of musicians there getting paid top union scale, they need to get in and get out of the studio ASAP. That means the musicians have to be able to play there part perfectly the very first time. When they do these big orchestra sessions, they record all the parts at the same time. They don’t overdub everyone’s part individually like they do in many pop recording sessions. It is absolutely vital to be an amazing sight reader. And if you can’t get the job done, they have no problem firing you and finding someone that can.

"...my heart stopped beating for a second and I went into panic mode. I barely had a second to look it over and Bill started counting, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and off we went."

Back to my SDSU story.  Bill Yeager had an extremely high expectation that every musician in his department could read music.  I escaped most of the semester without getting called out on my music reading skills. At the time I had excellent chord and rhythm skills. You could put a big band chart in front of me and I could read the chords perfectly. Remember that in big band charts the guitar is mainly limited to playing chords as part of the rhythm section.

At the end of the semester it was juries time.  Time for me to prepare a piece of music, and play it for the jury, which was the entire jazz faculty. I played a solo chord melody of Autumn Leaves and showed off my improvising skills on the song Blue Bossa. When I finished I felt pretty good about myself, and then Bill got up and walked over to me and placed a sheet of music on my stand and said “read this.”  

I can remember my heart stopped beating for a second and I went into panic mode. I barely had a second to look it over and Bill started counting, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and off we went.

"Needless to say, I bombed. I don’t even remember if I got a single note or rhythm correct."

Bill was a straight shooter and he tore me a new one, yelling something along the lines of how unacceptable it was that I couldn’t read music. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I remember feeling about 2 inches tall. I walked out with my guitar by my side and my head hung low.

Once I was out I recall feeling mad.  I was mad at myself for not being prepared and I was mad at the way Bill made me feel.  

I decided at that instant that I would become one of the best sight readers around.

I made it my personal quest to never feel that way again and that I would redeem myself in the next jury 6 months away.


My quest began...

"I literally spent 1-3 hours every single day over the 6 months, sight reading any piece of music that I could get my hands on."

When I say, sight reading, I’m referring to placing a piece of music in front of myself. Setting the metronome at an uncomfortable tempo and reading the music from beginning to end, without stopping, without going back and fixing mistakes. Then moving on to the next piece. If I did read the same piece of music again I would increase the tempo.

You see, after you read a piece of music once or twice your brain starts to memorize the piece, thus you are no longer sight reading, but simply learning the music. 

By moving from piece to piece you are challenging your eyes with new notes, new keys, new positions, new rhythms, and a limitless variety of notes.  

I was relentless and it became my obsession.

"6 months later as the next jury rolled around, I was ready to go."

I walked into that room with confidence and excitement.  I was looking forward to the moment when Bill would put that piece of sheet music in front of me and count it off, because I knew that I was going to crush it.  Guess what, I did.

Even after that victory I continued my pursuit of being a great sight reader. For the next 2 years, I practiced sight reading every day and got better and better. When I got to the University of Southern California for my master’s degree I was one of the best sight readers there and ended up teaching groups of undergrads how to read music.

So how did I improve as a musician by becoming a superior music reader?  

1. My timing and rhythm got impeccable.
2. My confidence grew new levels. 
3. I ended up becoming the band leader in many of the groups I played in because of my ability to read music properly.
4. I could understand music at a different level by seeing how the notes and rhythms are put together in the page.

"I realize your time is limited due to life, work, and family.

The good news is that you don’t have to take 2 years to learn how to read music."

The Bullet Proof Music Reading Course for guitar is going to get you on the path to musical freedom.


         It will teach you:

  • To read music in the open position of the guitar.

  • Expand your range and knowledge of the guitar fretboard.

  • Develop a solid sense of tempo, feel, and rhythm.

  • Unwavering confidence that will pour over into all areas of your playing.

  • Be extraordinaire

 - Over 45 clear and easy to follow instructional videos

- Printable sheet music for every lesson

- Downloadable backing tracks to practice on your own

- Music written by Terry Carter especially for you the aspiring guitar player



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