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Beginning Music Reading For Guitar

  • Stop being dependant on TAB
  • No music reading experience necessary
  • Learn the fretboard
  • Become a confident musician
  • The most important skill you can learn as a musician
  • Complete mastery of strings 1-6 in the open position
  • Over 50 music reading tutorials
  • 100% money back guarantee


What People Are Saying:

Professor Carter brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to guitar classes, which boosts the motivation of students to learn and practice daily. He is a professional, who is detailed in his teaching approach and always fun, Be prepared to improve at pla ying guitar whether you are a beginner or advanced student. In class, we wasted no time rather jumped in often following Professor Carter's lead without chord charts, appealing to our nascent ability to play by sight and ear. He strived to bring out the be st and brightest in our class, not by focusing on the slowest students, which I initially thought myself to be, but rather having confidence in each one of us that we'd rise to new levels. He pushed us to be better, to want to be better guitar players. Pr ofessor Carter covered timing, rhythm, strum patterns, reading notes and chords, writing charts and preparing to perform in a final class performance with an audience. The performance and group energy was a highlight of our class. In addition to weekly c lass attendance, I particularly benefited from Professor Carter's Rock Like The Pros App. because I'd practice guitar along with Carter's App video tutorials, which were extremely helpful in getting the rhythm and strum patterns right. I highly recommen d Terry Carter to anyone who wants to take his or her guitar playing to the next level, and have a blast doing so.

Donna Barnett

The material presented was very helpful. This is a start for me to read music without TAB’s

Jeff Chamberlain